5 Reasons to Cater a Pizza Food Truck for Your Summer Cookout

5 Reasons to Cater a Pizza Food Truck for Your Summer Cookout post

The joyfulness of bright summer days is prime time for cookout season. But sometimes you want to be able to enjoy time with friends and family in your backyard without needing to sweat over the grill. In that case, it’s best to rely on pizza food truck catering services like Montilio’s On-The-Go!

Too hot to barbecue

In states where summer hits harder than most other places, dusting off the grill is enough to make you reevaluate your choices. It’s easy to make lots of fun plans and go in over your head with all of the fatigue and labor that goes into barbecuing. You’d also be increasing your chances of getting a heat stroke which is never a pleasant ride. To make things easier on yourself and still have an exciting backyard party, pizza food trucks are the way to go! You can sit back and relax while you and your guests enjoy fresh, delicious pizza!

Everyone loves pizza

When barbecuing for a large group, the cook usually has to accommodate everyone’s taste by offering both burgers and hot dogs since many people prefer either one or the other. Having to worry about the cooking process for two different types of food can be tedious and easy to mess up. Pizza, on the other hand, is loved by everyone so it’s hard to go wrong.

Summer celebrations come with large groups

There are so many reasons to party and celebrate during the summer, and the outdoors is always the best way to invite anyone and everyone. Refreshing pool parties, holiday celebrations like the 4th of July, precious time off from school, and summer birthdays are all great reasons to invite large groups of friends and family for some priceless quality time. When you cater with a pizza food truck, there’s no limit to the number of people you can feed!

Play it safe with catering

One downside to summer activities is that there’s a higher chance of accidents occurring from fire hazards. The intense heat of summer is already enough to cause problems on its own, and adding charcoal or propane cooking to the mix increases the likelihood even more. Unless you’re diligent in your cooking methods and quick in reacting to fires, it’s best not to risk it. Leave it to professional catering companies to handle the food so you can enjoy your party worry-free!

Be less predictable

When people hear “summer cookout” they’re most likely expecting burgers and hot dogs. What they won’t be expecting is made-from-scratch pizza cooked on the spot in a woodfired oven. It’s not something that everyone gets to see every day, so it’s a surefire way to get your guests talking long after the party’s over. In fact, they’ll be asking when you’ll be hosting again!

Cater With Montilio’s On-The-Go!

For an easy summer cookout that will have all your guests full and happy, leave your catering to the professionals at Montilio’s On-The-Go! We also have salad bar options to choose from to add a bit of crisp freshness to a hot day. Call us today for pricing on our variety of packages that are sure to win people over!

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