Beat Boring BBQ With Catered Pizza at Your Next Party

Beat Boring BBQ With Catered Pizza at Your Next Party post

As Americans, we love to barbeque any chance we get. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Father’s Day, and even a simple sunny day are good enough excuses to call everyone over for a lively backyard party! But with such a generational tradition that occurs multiple times a year, how do you keep things exciting? Your pals at Montilio’s On-The-Go will show you how catered pizza will beat boring BBQ at your next party.

Give Your Guests a Show

How many people can say that they’ve seen a wood-fired pizza oven up close? It’s definitely not a sight that you see every day, and your guests are sure to appreciate you giving them such a unique experience. Watching the caterers wring out the dough from scratch, starting the fire, and using the pizza paddle with expertise is a show worthy enough of giving a standing ovation!

Provide a Conversation Piece

Unless there’s a hot topic that’s been circling the news, people tend to look to their surroundings for something to talk about. There’s not much to see in a backyard aside from grass, a fence, and maybe a pool, but that’s where catered pizza comes in. Seeing a pizza being made from scratch can remind someone of their trip to Italy, or maybe the fire from the oven will procure memories of a fun camping trip. The human brain works in mysterious ways, and the presence of something out of the ordinary is sure to tap into some interesting stories that your guests will love to share.

Bring More Options to the Table

When you think of an American barbeque, it’s hard not to think of the traditional burger and hot dog duo. There’s not much you can do for toppings other than cheese and condiments, so it’s like you only have two distinct options to choose from. With catered woodfired pizza, the possibilities are only limited to the ingredients you choose. You can go all meat, all veggies, exotic, domestic, fresh, fruity, you name it! Some ideas for pizza flavors include:

  • Margarita
  • Hawaiian
  • BBQ chicken
  • Buffalo chicken
  • Vegetarian
  • Four cheese
  • Traditional pepperoni

Even though it’s all pizza, there are so many different flavor profiles that make it seem like you’re eating something entirely different each and every time. Your guests will appreciate the different options to choose from as a nice break from the usual boring cuisine.

Spice it Up with Extras

By choosing a quality caterer, you’ll have additional sides to choose from to liven up your party even more. Salads, fruit platters, meat and cheese boards, chicken wings, and a dessert menu are all incredible options, any of which your guests are sure to love.

Cater Your Next BBQ With Montilio’s!

For the best backyard barbeque party, contact the experts at Montilio’s On-The-Go! We have different packages to choose from depending on the size of your party with various sides and flavors to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to keep your guests full and happy. Call us today at (508) 588-9641 for pricing.

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