Wood-Burning Ovens – How They Work & Why We Use Them

Wood-Burning Ovens - How They Work & Why We Use Them post

At Montilio’s On-The-Go, we specialize in pizzas cooked through a wood-burning oven. But how do these ovens work, and what’s so great about them? Today we’ll explain why we absolutely love this method for cooking our homemade pizzas.

About That Dome Shape

The dome top of a wood-fired pizza oven isn’t just for looks. Way, way back, our ancestors discovered the benefit of a rounded oven, and the reasoning behind it is pure genius. By placing fire sources around the interior walls of the oven, the heat rises and collects at the apex of the inner dome. This allows the built-up heat to concentrate where it’s most effective during the cooking process. Meanwhile, as new heat continues to generate, the circular design encourages a constant rotation within the oven while allowing zero heat to escape.

It’s All About Heat Retention

Thanks to the design of the dome-shaped oven, heat retention is very doable and even controllable. The oven can heat up quickly in a matter of minutes and stay at peak temperatures for long periods of time without slowing down. The entire interior heats up to optimal levels and can easily be altered as needed. The door allows you to control the temperature while the flue concentrates and directs the smoke to where it won’t be troublesome for those nearby. Through this incredible ecosystem, whole pizzas can be cooked at extremely fast rates.

How to Handle the Pizza

Made-from-scratch pizzas are placed on the hearth or cooking floor at temperatures between 600-850 degrees Fahrenheit. With a high-temp cooking floor in addition to the residual heat built up within the oven, a whole pizza can be cooked in as soon as 1-2 minutes. If you watch closely, you can see the dough quickly rise as if time is being fast-forwarded in real time. Just make sure to take it out before the crust bursts!

Why Use a Wood-Burning Pizza Oven?

There are so many reasons why we love to use a wood-burning oven for pizza, of course one of them being the fact that a single pizza can be fully cooked in a literal couple of minutes! But most importantly, wood-fired pizza has a truly authentic taste that you can’t replicate with any other cooking method no matter how hard you try. Plus, the fact that it cooks fast means that the toppings won’t burn, and vegetables will retain all of their healthy nutrients especially if all of the ingredients are completely fresh. You could also make the argument that having a real wood-fired pizza oven at a party is just plain fun!

Wood-Fired Pizza Brought Straight to You!

Want to see a wood-burning pizza oven operate right before your eyes? Call Montilio’s On-The-Go at (508) 588-9641 to handle your next big event! We’ll bring our authentic mobile oven straight to you so you and your guests can all see the benefits of this tried-and-true cooking method for yourselves. We have so many flavors to choose from to ensure that everyone eats happy!

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