A Brief History of Woodfired Pizza

A Brief History of Woodfired Pizza post

While pizza may seem like a somewhat recent invention with how popular it is today, it was originally invented over 4,000 years ago. Your pals at Montilio’s On-The-Go will take you on a little trip through the history of woodfired pizza so you can see how people enjoyed the delicious treat back then just as you do today!

Pompeii Loved Pizza

That’s right, pizza has been an enjoyed delicacy as far back as the ancient Pompeii era. Archaeologists have discovered clay ovens designed for flatbreads used in creating delicious pizza, and they were surprisingly insulated and well-vented which proves that they had a great eye for detail. That would also explain why the bottoms of their ovens were lined with terra cotta which was commonly used to create cooking tools.

Did you know? Some of the pizza ovens that were dug up in Pompeii are still usable to this day! A few of them have been well-preserved this entire time and are now being treated with the utmost care. That’s a testament to how reliably built they were by pizza lovers back in the day.

Roman Influence in Europe

During medieval times, pizza ovens in Europe progressed into brick ovens. While there was a single large oven in Rome that was owned by a feudal lord, Northern Europe built their ovens to be more rounded in order to better concentrate the heat being produced inside. The people of Italy had further adapted the traditional pizza oven to be more accessible by decreasing their size, so they’d fit in individual households. You would be hard-pressed to find a Tuscan farmhouse without one of these compact pizza ovens inside.

Did you know? The first pizzas were made of plain flatbread topped with tomatoes and literally nothing else. The tomato topping gradually evolved into a more complex marinara sauce which has become a staple that we still use today. Pizza has come such a long way!

Pizza Ovens Today

There are so many modernized pizza ovens created to match with the times, and this has led to so many wonderful improvements that have fine-tuned quality pizza as we know it today. For instance, many people have made the transition to metal ovens because they heat up much faster than brick or clay and they’re way easier to transport. Many of these metal-based ovens still hold on to the traditional rounded shape since it’s still proven to provide the best circulation of heat.

Cater Woodfired Pizza with Montilio’s On-The-Go!

For a truly traditional and authentic pizza eating experience that has been enjoyed for generations, Montilio’s On-The-Go delivers! Our portable pizza oven is a prime example of everything that has made a great oven over the years. With this single woodfired oven, we are able to make multiple pizzas in such a short period which makes it ideal for parties. Call us today at (508) 588-9641 for pricing on the most authentic pizza you’ll ever eat! We’ve been making Florida customers happy with our pizza for over 50 years now and we’re still going strong.

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