Enjoy Pizza Without Sacrificing Your Summer Body

Enjoy Pizza Without Sacrificing Your Summer Body post

A warm slice of gooey, delicious pizza is such a basic yet influential joy in life for most people. But you’ve made the wise decision of eating better in order to maintain a healthy body, and now most of the food you used to indulge in doesn’t feel like an option anymore. What if we told you that pizza is still on the table? Your friends at Montilio’s On-The-Go want to show you how you can enjoy pizza without having to sacrifice your summer body.

Eat Smarter, Not Harder

Diets are typically associated with bland salads and minimal dressing. With that kind of mindset, it’s easy to give in and end your diet altogether. It’s possible to expand your options if you think outside of the box, and thankfully pizza is an answer to your woes. You can’t pick up the phone and order any kind of pizza, though. The trick is to look for freshly-made pizzas with actual fresh ingredients void of preservatives and other harmful chemicals. A truly healthy pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven consists of:

  • Hearty proteins with chicken being the better option from being less greasy.
  • Various nutrients in vegetables. Wood-fired ovens are the best method for veggies because the pizza can cook fast without burning off the nutrients that veggies provide.
  • Lycopene antioxidants found in tomatoes. Fresh tomato sauce is essential because concentrated marinara has a high sodium count and added sugar.
  • Good carbs from pizza dough that’s been made entirely from scratch. The frozen dough used at most pizza chains contains harmful preservatives.

Practice Self-Control

You could be eating the healthiest pizza in the entire world, but it won’t matter if you don’t portion your servings. One or two slices is ideal for taking in all of the health benefits of fresh wood-fired pizza without overdoing it by consuming more mass than your metabolism can handle. Moderation is key, and that means it’s probably not smart to eat pizza every single day for every single meal. However, enjoying the recommended serving every once and a while is no harm done.

Don’t Forget to Move Your Body

The biggest mistake that people make when going on a diet is forgetting that regular exercise is the other half in maintaining a healthy figure. So even if you practice amazing self-control regarding what you eat, make sure you go for a walk or grab a small dumbbell to get your blood and heart rate going. Some hobbies like gardening and cooking can even be enough to meet your daily quota. Exercising doesn’t have to be a drag as long as you’re creative with it!

Cater a Healthy Lunch (Or Brunch) In the Sarasota Area!

If you have like-minded friends who also want to live freely while looking out for their summer bodies, cater a gathering with authentically fresh pizza from Montilio’s On-The-Go! We gladly take our mobile wood-fired pizza oven all over Florida to feed those looking for an unforgettable pizza experience. Call us today at (508) 588-9641 for pricing.

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