Food Displays That Will Be Sure to Wow Your GuestsFood Displays That Will Be Sure to Wow Your Guests

Food Displays That Will Be Sure to Wow Your Guests post

Food is a given for any party no matter the occasion, but you can really stand out and give your guests something to talk about by setting up an edible work of art. It takes a special talent to create a dazzling display of colorful or rustic arrangements for everyone to enjoy. There’s no need to lift a finger because Montilio’s On-The-Go has the people for the job!

Bright and Sweet Delights

When you think of birthday parties, an entire rainbow of colors comes to mind. From the balloons to the confetti, it’s just bright and cheery all around! Fruit platters are a joyful addition to such a lively event because of the variety of naturally colorful produce. We carefully selected honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, and strawberries to bring you an entire palette to admire. With yellows, greens, and reds all complimenting each other, it’s sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees.

Rustic for the Sophisticated

For events that are classier and on the down-low, roasted vegetables emanate neutral earthy tones that are pleasing to behold. Such refined celebrations include weddings, anniversaries, and even graduations. Our roasted vegetable board takes that sophistication to another level with unordinary choices such as portobello mushrooms, squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and eggplant. Your guests will have a hard time looking away from this incredible arrangement, and they can indulge guilt-free.

A Little Something for Everyone

An authentic taste of Italy isn’t out of reach with our antipasto board. Just like the real thing, this gorgeous display includes genuine meats, cheeses, and vegetables so you and your guests all have something to enjoy. Asiago, provolone, parmesan, blue cheese, and mozzarella are all products of Italian culture as with prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, and mortadella. For more variety, we’ve included artichoke hearts, mixed olives, peppadew peppers, and cherry tomatoes. But what really makes this board special is how we skillfully arrange each and every ingredient in a way that comes together as an entire masterpiece.

A Little More Something for Everyone

Charcuterie boards have been gaining popularity like crazy over the past couple years, and we can see why. This wonderful Italian creation truly offers a wide array of goodies to appeal to literally everybody. Along with our authentic meats and cheeses, our charcuterie arrangement also includes a healthy mix of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. To make matters more impressive, we also throw in spreads and jams to pair with bread and crackers. All these magnificent foods combined makes it our most awe-inspiring display board. And it goes without saying that our expert designers know how to make charcuteries look absolutely stunning.

With Montilio’s On-The-Go, it’s easy to bring more pizazz to any party. If you’re ready to completely wow your guests, give us a call today to make display board arrangements for your next event! You’ll be glad you did.

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