How to Host the Ultimate Winter Outdoor Pizza Party

How to Host the Ultimate Winter Outdoor Pizza Party post

It’s easy to get bored during the winter when everyone’s instinct is to stay inside and go into hibernation mode. Liven up the mood with a winter outdoor pizza party that’ll encourage your friends and family to crawl out of their caves and keep socializing. Your buddies at Montilio’s On-the-Go will help you prepare for a night to remember.

It’s All About the Ambience


You might not be able to control the weather, but you can still set up a warm and inviting space in your backyard no matter how cold it is outside. Light gives off heat, so go crazy with the decor! Set up hanging string lights and lanterns along the entire fence and on the awning, and line your concrete with lighted pathways. Doing this will provide your guests with some heat and give them the warm, cozy feeling of being in the sun. Soft white lights are the most inviting for the outdoors. You can also deck the tables with lit candles.


Sitting on a hard, cold bench is never fun. To avoid your guests preferring to stand up during the entire party, equip every seating space with a blanket or pillow (or both). These makeshift couches will give off a quirky, picnic vibe that people will love.

Dress Code

Ask your guests ahead of time to show up in warm clothing. This may seem obvious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! To make things a little more interesting, suggest themed attire to spin it like a costume party. It could be something simple like ugly sweaters or onesies.

Warm Pizza Melts the Soul

Nothing warms up the human body more than piping-hot pizza. Since servings can be made in batch amounts, pizza is perfect for catering to large groups. Covered, wood-fire pizza ovens are especially ideal for outdoor winter parties for many reasons. First off, the oven’s cover protects pizza from the elements while cooking. The absence of technology by using wood means that you can avoid potential hazards such as cords and various electrical pieces being exposed to water. Lastly, and for the most fun reason, the natural flames emanating from the oven double as a cozy fireplace for people to gather around.

Creating your own mobile pizza oven is going to be more work than it’s worth, especially if you’ll only be using it a couple times out of the year. They’re also too expensive to buy outright. If you cater with Montilio’s, we’ll take care of the pizza part so you can focus on the rest of your party preparations.

Forget the Cold and Have Fun

One way to distract the mind from the cold is through live entertainment or physical activities. Here are just a few examples of how you can bring fun to the party while facilitating warmth:

  • Live music
  • Magic and talent shows
  • Storytelling (encourage your guests to share their stories, too)
  • Fancy bartending
  • Classic party games like musical chairs, limbo, and charades

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

The best way to combat the unexpected is to prepare for it. One of the biggest things that can go wrong is the weather amping up. If it starts to rain or if the snow comes in a little too heavy, have a lounging area prepared inside for your guests to retreat to. Also, be sure to prepare for extra people in case your invitees bring a friend by keeping a set of folding chairs handy along with some extra drinks and snacks. If your live entertainment falls through, you can always fall back on no-equipment-needed party games as mentioned earlier. Keep a backup plan for everything you can think of!

Now that you know how to throw a spectacular winter outdoor pizza party, call Montilio’s On-the-Go at (508) 894-8855 to get a head start on setting up your catering options.

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