Why You Should Serve Woodfired Pizza at Your Next Party

Why You Should Serve Woodfired Pizza at Your Next Party post

There’s nothing like pizza to bring people together at any party. Pizza is the ultimate unifier for conversation and connection, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or Super Bowl party. Have you ever experienced this with a party or event you attended in Sarasota? 

At Montilio’s On-the-Go, we call this the ultimate pizza effect. We love all things about pizza and the experience it brings to every party or event we cater. And since we bring the party to you, we wanted to spend some time today sharing some of the top reasons we’ve seen first-hand why serving woodfired pizza at your next party can take the entire event to the ultimate fun level!

Bring an Authentic Twist 

Woodfired pizza is a great way to bring genuine and authentic pizza taste to your party. With our authentic woodfired pizza, you’ll have the mouthwatering flavors of Italy on every plate. If you’ve been searching for the authentic taste of the old country, our mobile woodfired ovens are made in Italy. 

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Typically, pizza is thrown in a metal oven and cooked. However, with a woodfired pizza from the pizza pros at Montilio’s On-the-Go, your guests will be treated to the ultimate pizza-making experience with every slice. We use a wood-fired brick oven for cooking our pizza, which is heated using wood logs, not gas or electric-like a conventional pizza oven. Your guests will be treated with the savory, rustic, smoky aromas as their pizza bakes perfectly inside the brick oven—making every bite all the more special. 

Hassle-Free Catering That Delivers

At Montilio’s On-the-Go, we bring the party to you. So, all you have to do is invite your guests and enjoy your time together. We take care of the rest. And we’re not just pizzas; we offer various other menu options, including salads, snacks, desserts, and pastries. So, your guests will feel like they have all the choices they could ever want, without you having to worry about making a hundred restaurant reservations or create a custom menu for each guest to do so! 

Finding the perfect catering for your next event in Sarasota doesn’t have to be an exhaustive search that leaves you overwhelmed. With Montilio’s On-the-Go, we simplify how you bring a truly unique and authentic pizza experience to your guests. Our family-owned and operated business has been helping people like you throw memorable parties for years. So, let us elevate your party game with our woodfired pizza today!

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