5 Reasons Wood-Fired Pizza Is The Best

5 Reasons Wood-Fired Pizza Is The Best Post

Not everyone has had the pleasure of eating fresh, authentic pizza straight from a wood-fired oven. It makes a significant difference, but how? There are many ways pizza cooked over a fire is much better than any pie that comes out of a gas oven. At Montilio’s On-The-Go, we can easily tell you why wood-fire pizza is the best!

1. It’s Packed with Flavor

The most distinct difference between wood-fired pizza and pizza that’s been cooked in a gas oven is in the taste. The qualities of the burning wood build up inside the oven to encompass the pizza which gives it a lovely rustic aroma that can’t be achieved by other means. Many people have tried simulating the smell and taste with bottles of liquid smoke, but that can never replicate the authenticity that comes with cooking it the right way. You’ll be able to tell when the pleasant smokiness from actual wood becomes absorbed in the cheese for a cozy meal that you won’t want to finish.

2. They Look Authentic

The reason why pizza from large franchises look “perfect” every time is that they use whatever means necessary to live up to the commercials and other advertisements that they produce. Oftentimes this means fusing preservatives into their ingredients so that they visually retain their look even after it’s been frozen and thawed out over the time it takes to ship to their many locations. While these places sacrifice taste and freshness to match the look of their ads, wood-fired pizza offers a comfy homemade look. When you see that light char on the slightly uneven crust and the golden brown specks along the surface of the cheese, you know that you’re getting the real deal.

3. There’s Less of a Wait

Conventional ovens can take a long time to reach the right temperature, and even then it takes more time for the pizza to actually cook. With wood-fired ovens, it’s as easy as starting a fire. Once you get the flame going, your pizza is ready to be thrown in! The heat is quick to build up inside the oven and so pizzas cook much more quickly under the intense conditions. And of course, cooking faster means that you can make more in the same amount of time. For example, it would take up to twenty minutes for a pizza to cook in a gas oven whereas it would only take about two minutes in a wood-fired oven. So in the time it would take to bake one pizza, you could have had ten instead!

4. They’re Much Healthier

Wood-fired pizza doesn’t need preservatives because it’s made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. It’s also much healthier because the vegetables retain their nutrients since the pizza is cooked faster. The crust is full of good carbs, and any meats added on are a great source of protein. Cheese provides a healthy dose of calcium while tomato sauce contains many antioxidants to help build your immune system. So yes, if done right, pizza is actually a reliable source of many nutritional benefits.

5. It’s Exciting!

By catering wood-fired pizza, you’re getting dinner and a show! The classic, rustic look of a pizza oven is something that you don’t see every day and so people can’t help but stare in awe as their soon-to-be meal is being given love and care for a delicious outcome. Having a genuine pizza oven at your party is a great conversation starter that’s sure to get your guests talking.

Enjoy Wood-Fired Pizza with Montilio’s!

If you’re eager to see all of the amazing benefits of wood-fired pizza for yourself, call Montilio’s On-The-Go for your next event! We have a full menu of flavors to choose from so you can satisfy all of your guests and give them an experience they’ll never forget. Call us today at (508) 588-9641 to start planning your big party.

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