Cater Your Wedding Events with A Pizza Food Truck

Cater Your Wedding Events with A Pizza Food Truck post

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re so excited for you and want to make sure you get the best treatment all the way up to your big wedding day because you deserve to be spoiled in every way possible. Part of being spoiled is having an excuse to enjoy fresh wood-fired pizza catered multiple times because it’s the perfect choice for all events. Take a look at all of the wonderful parties that you get to throw before you officially tie the knot and see which Montilio’s On-The-Go pizza choices pair well with each and every occasion!

Engagement Party

The first wedding event in the lineup is the engagement party which can be arranged within a couple months after the proposal and is meant to familiarize the couple with everyone who will be attending the wedding. This is just the start of the journey, not just for the bride and groom but for the entire group of friends and family. Use this chance to catch up with everyone you care about and get ready for the fun memories that await!

With a long way to go until the wedding day and more parties to go along the way, there’s absolutely no need to get all formal just yet. Any place with a nice bed of grass will work wonderfully as a venue like a park or even someone’s backyard. And since everyone is just getting to know each other, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe by opting in for classic cheese or pepperoni pizza for your catering. Making things as casual and simple as possible will help everyone get comfy with each other while they introduce themselves and tell exciting stories.

Bridal Shower

Keep the anticipation rolling with a fun bridal shower a couple of months before the wedding. This is a chance for all the ladies involved to have a bit of bonding time and laugh to their heart’s content. The point of this event is to give gifts to the wife-to-be, kind of like a birthday party but with gifts more centered around the lucky woman’s future home life with her groom. The shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor and is held at their own home, sometimes with the help of the bridesmaids.

The bridal shower is a very whimsical, lighthearted party full of laughs and giggles and the theme should reflect that. This is the time to play fun, quirky games and enjoy as many casual foods and drinks as possible! Light and refreshing pizzas such as fresco, margarita, and vegetarian are all excellent choices to complement the adrenaline rush from all the games.

Bachelor Party

It’s finally the guys’ time to shine! It’s up to the best man to make sure the groom makes the most of his last days being single, and that means indulging in all the boys-only activities they can squeeze into one night uninterrupted by their respective partners. Since this event is meant to celebrate the final days leading up to the wedding, it should take place fairly close to the big day. A week before (or even sooner) is an ideal timeframe, but no earlier than that. Spicy pizza is a great choice for a mischievous night, our buffalo chicken and “The North End” flavors being fit for the task.

Rehearsal Dinner

With just a day or two left until the wedding, we are finally at the rehearsal dinner. The entire wedding party is united for one last gathering before the big ceremony. After a hard day’s work of getting the routine on-point, casual dining is still the way to go to put everyone at ease and in a good mood for a round of playful toasts to poke a little fun at the wedding couple. In return, this is the perfect time for the couple to give gifts to the attendants as an appreciation for all the love and support up to this point.

For such a heartfelt end to all the pre-wedding festivities, a balance between casual and classy flavors would be the perfect bow to tie it all together. Chicken bacon ranch and four cheese white pizza is a great combination, especially with salad on the side. With so many salad options, you really can’t go wrong.

There’s lots of planning to do, but at least Montilio’s On-The-Go has you covered in the food department. Give us a call today to schedule your catering needs in a flash so you can get started on all the other fun stuff!

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