Health Benefits of Wood-Fired Pizza

Health Benefits of Wood-Fired Pizza post

At the start of every year, countless individuals make the vow to eat healthier. While most of those people crack down on their diet with meal shakes, salads, and whatnot, you can take the fun route and choose pizza instead. Yes, you read that right! While pizza is universally known for being one of the “bad” foods, a single slice can actually provide you with a great deal of nutrients. Let us explain how you can enjoy a nutritious diet by eating Montilio’s On-The-Go wood-fired pizza!

Veggies. Need We Say More?

When it comes to cooking veggies, the longer it’s exposed to heat the more nutrients are lost in the process. Wood-fired pizza cooks faster than most other methods which keeps the vegetable toppings nice and juicy so they can retain their vitamins while giving you quality taste. Onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives are especially healthy as they contain vitamins A, C, E, and B6 as well as riboflavin, potassium, and monounsaturated fat. These are the nutrients that regulate your blood and promote a healthy immune system, metabolism, digestion system, and nervous system. Being healthy has never been more fun!

Yes, Carbs Are Good!

Some people will argue that carbs are evil, but your body needs carbohydrates for energy! They also fuel important parts of your body like the brain, kidneys, heart, and muscles. Carbs are a very important part of a balanced diet, and it’s easy to get your daily dose with pizza crust. Pizza cooked over a natural fire ensures that the crust is cooked evenly while giving you a chewy, delicious texture.

Protein? No Problem!

Speaking of a balanced diet, protein is a huge part of your required daily intake of nutrients. Most bodybuilders get their fair share with a boring, repetitive protein shake. Instead of buying a tub of powder, you can easily get your protein in the form of a warm slice of pizza topped with lean meats and cheese! Chicken, sausage, ham, and just about all other meats are filled with protein which assists your muscles, hair, and nails. An average slice of pizza comes with 12 grams of protein!

It’s All in The Sauce

Literally every aspect of a pizza has health benefits, even down to the sauce. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, especially lycopene which is excellent in maintaining overall heart health. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol while also reducing the risk of heart disease. That’s why pizza sauce, which is made of a bunch of tomatoes, is a fantastic addition to such a healthy dish.

Say, “Calcium!”

A pizza isn’t a pizza without cheese. Not only does cheese contain protein, but it’s also rich in calcium to promote strong and healthy bones. Consuming enough calcium can also help prevent osteoporosis which is when your bones become weak and brittle. A single slice of pizza contains almost as much calcium as a glass of milk, with 200 milligrams per slice compared to 300 milligrams in one cup of milk. A simple way to meet your recommended daily intake of calcium is to eat more slices of pizza!

So, think you have what it takes to tackle the pizza diet? Call Montilio’s On-The-Go for catering options to get started on eating healthy the fun way. We know you can do it!

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