Premium Quality Pizza—It’s All in The Ingredients

Premium Quality Pizza—It’s All in The Ingredients post

When it comes to excellent and flavorful pizza, you want to know that you’re not buying just any gas station-style frozen pizza. Premium quality pizza starts with premium quality ingredients made fresh, pulled right from the oven, and served. Let’s be honest. There’s nothing like a party in Sarasota that’s serving fresh pizza made from the freshest ingredients! 

While getting those made fresh from frozen pizzas that you find at many other stores, chains, and even gas stations throughout Florida fill you up, they don’t quite satisfy your craving for freshness. 

Your friends at Montilio’s On-the-Go know a thing or two about fresh ingredients on the best crust freshly wood-fired in an authentic Italian wood fire oven. So, what makes premium quality pizza so great, and why do the ingredients matter so much? Today, we wanted to take a look at all that for ourselves so you can better understand why premium quality pizza makes all the difference at your next event. 

Toppings Are All the Craze

There’s nothing quite like using peak season veggies to bring together the perfect pizza. Crisp, fresh veggies add that extra pop to every bite, and they help add natural flavors to your homemade sauce. At Montilio’s On-the-Go, we pride ourselves on using the freshest veggies we can find for all our wood-fired pizza events! 

Meats Matter

While you can find meat toppings for your pizza just about anywhere, we ensure that all our meat toppings are of the highest quality possible and as fresh as can be. Did you know that when you use fresh meats and veggies as toppings on your pizza, they contain more natural moisture? While that sounds good, it isn’t always for top-quality pizza with crusts that take longer to bake. But with Montilio’s On-the-Go wood-fired pizza’s shorter baking times, that extra added moisture enhances every savory bite!

The Crust Brings It All Together

The crust is what makes or breaks a high-quality pizza, so you want to ensure that you trust your pizza party to pros that understand how to make a homemade, authentic wood-fired crust. That’s what we do best with our wood-fired pizza oven that we bring to your next event in the Sarasota area—tie every pizza together with our premium quality pizza toppings, sauce, and crust!

At Montilio’s On-the-Go, we understand what it takes to make an authentic wood-fired pizza, and we do it all with the highest quality ingredients and toppings. Because we believe that every bite you take should be as savory and succulent as you imagined it would be for your event! Call us today to elevate your food game at your next event in the Sarasota area!

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