The Ultimate Guide to Pizza and Why Wood Fired Is the Best

The Ultimate Guide to Pizza and Why Wood Fired Is the Best post

When it comes to picking out the perfect pizza, there are almost too many choices to know which one is best for you. Pizza is one of those things that is an entirely personal choice. And when it comes to planning your next event in Sarasota, your catering choices are filled with just about every style of pizza you can think of. 

So, it’s essential to know which one is best for you, your guests, your event, and why. From deep-dish Chicago-style to name-brand made from frozen “fresh” pizza options, there is really only one winner among them—wood fired pizza fresh from a wood fired oven is the best of the best. It doesn’t get any better, really!

And your friends at Montilio’s On-the-Go know everything there is to know about food truck pizza options. We wanted to put that knowledge to the test today with this ultimate guide to pizza and why wood-fired is the best there is! 

A Brief History

Where does this gooey goodness come from that we all know as pizza today? 

People have been enjoying pizza for centuries. Back in the olden days, flatbread with savory toppings was made as a quick and easy meal for people who didn’t have plates or were too busy to sit and eat. 

When you think about it, that makes total sense, right? The Romans made focaccia, which was an early form of pizza. But, as you may know, Italy is the birthplace of pizza in all its glory! Bakers first created it in Naples in the 18th century. 

So, how did it make its way to America? Well, that’s thanks to a man named Gennaro Lombardi, who opened an eatery in 1905 on Spring Street in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood. The slices of cheesy, saucy goodness took off from there!

Some Different Types of Pizza

No matter what kind of pizza you love, there are so many different types to crave. So, let’s take a look at a few of them. 

Neapolitan Pizza

This type of pizza is the original pizza, the O.G., and it dates back to 18th century Naples. Neapolitan is typically topped with fresh mozzarella, oregano, tomatoes, basil leaves, and olive oil on flatbread. Nice and simple. 

Sicilian Pizza

For those looking for a bit more girth to their bread, Sicilian is the way to go. This type of pizza is a thick cut of pizza with pillowy dough, crunch crust, and rich tomato sauce. And it’s cut in squares rather than triangles. 

California Pizza

This one is one of the most creative types of pizza. If you can think of anything crazy to put on top of pizza, it probably has its roots in California-style pizza that became big in the 70s. There are no traditional toppings with this type of pizza. Anything from goat cheese to chicken and pineapple are fair game!

Cauliflower Pizza

For the more health-conscious type of pizza eater, this is the way to go. Cauliflower pizza is made using a cauliflower-based crust for the dough, and then the toppings are customized to your tastes. 

So, Why Is Wood Fired the Best?

Great question! Imagine if you were throwing an event for a pizza lovers convention and wanted to find one food truck that could cater to their individual pizza favorites. Wood-Fired gives you the best of all words of pizza flavors. You can customize your toppings and even have thicker crusts on some pizzas if you want. 

Wood fired pizza has all the aromas and flavors of rustic Italy, and thanks to Montilio’s On-the-Go, we bring the oven right to your event. Using a wood fired oven to cook your pizza means it cooks faster and retains more of the healthy nutrients and antioxidants of the toppings you choose. 

When you have to cook pizza for long times in an oven, the heat can deplete the valuable nutrients of each topping. Plus, depending on the type of pizza you want to have at your event, you have to cook it all differently. 

With a wood fired pizza from the pros at Montilio’s On-the-Go, you don’t have to worry about waiting to crack into that perfectly crispy crust that comes with every wood fired pizza. We know how to make the most of your event catering in Sarasota with our customizable wood fired pizza toppings and menus built for your guests. Call us today to find out how we can liven up your party with our wood fired pizzas! 

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